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Yesterday, I was go to my girlfriend. we went outside and we played soccer.then we played soccer, the brother of my girlfriend was the referee.then we go into the garden and we played Nerf. Nerf is a game were you shoot. The game" Nerf" games from Germany and was very funny.
23.5.12 12:41


Who id like to meet

I would like to meet Sean Paul he is a really good singer. Besides these, I would like to meet Jason Derulo because he is a great singer and a really good dancer. Now Sean Paul and Jason Derulo: Sean Paul was born at 8. January 1973 in Kingston. Sean Paul has Portuguese, Chinese and African roots: His granddad from african, his mother is from china. His granddad from his dad is from Portugal. Jason Derulo was born at 21. September 1989 in Miramar. Jason Derulos parents are from Haiti. As a 18-year-old made Jason Derulo 2007 ​​his first steps in the music business and worked as a songwriter. My favorite song  of Jason Derulo is Breating. And from Sean Paul is my favorite song She dosnt mind Jason Derulo Breathing:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TrZMWAp1Iw Sean Paul She dosent mind:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f__ENJAsk8U Have fun by listening the musik
22.5.12 13:44

About me

Hello,my name is barbie111. Im 15 years old and i live in triberg. I have two sisters and one bother. his names are Denise shes 9 Chantal shes 6 and my bothers name is Leon hes 5. My hobbies are playing soccer, listen music and go outside with my friends. Im in a soccer club of fc triberg. I play as a goalkeeper. my favorite food is pizza or potatoes whit spinach and fisch. I love music. Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, and Rihanna are my favorite singers. In school my favorite subjekt are cooking, art, sports and a little bit englisch. My favorite colours are red, purple, rosa, blue and grey. That was a little bit about me. =)
21.5.12 14:39

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